Watkinsville, GA Trash Pickup

Trash Pickup in Watkinsville, Georgia 

AAA Sanitation is a locally-owned garbage pickup service that has been serving clients in the Watkinsville region for more than two decades. Garbage pickup is a necessity and when we realized residents weren’t satisfied with the available garbage pickup services, we addressed the need by launching AAA Sanitation. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we always make it a priority to listen to their needs and be available to them when they have questions.  

Watkinsville is located in Oconee County just an hour east of Atlanta and eight miles south of Athens, Ga. Families and individuals are drawn to Watkinsville for its hometown vibe and accessibility to surrounding cities. The Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation brings patrons from across Georgia and the U.S. with its various exhibitions, courses, and events. OCAF maintains a vision to inspire creativity, learning, and personal growth through visual arts exhibitions, art education, cultural events, and community collaborations. Watkinsville is also home to many parks like Harris Shoals Park. The park offers visitors picnic areas, walking trails, a baseball field, and pavilions that are available to rent for birthday parties and other events. 

Watkinsville, Georgia Trash Pickup

AAA Sanitation was started in Athens, GA over two decades ago. Owner Matt DiPalma noticed there was a demand for a better garbage pickup service, but there were few options available for residents in the Watkinsville region. We believe that people should be treated the same way we want to be treated. It’s with that foundation that we have established a large clientele in the Watkinsville region and beyond. If you were searching online for “waste management near me,” you’ve come to the right place. We view our job as a service to the community we love, which means we always listen to our customers and address any problems they have promptly. Our excellent customer service and attention to detail keep our customers coming back year after year.

We understand the importance of trash removal for the cleanliness and sanitary needs of the community. Whether our clients need a bulk pickup, weekly trash pickup, or recycling services, AAA Sanitation is committed to offering exceptional and dependable services to keep Watkinsville safe and beautiful for residents and businesses in the community.

Residential Trash Service in Watkinsville, Georgia

Our experienced team works hard to ensure your garbage is removed on its designated day at its designated time, so there’s no surprises. When you have a larger than usual pickup, just give us a call so we are aware and can plan accordingly. Whatever your waste management needs are, we will work with you to ensure it’s taken care of. If you have an odd item that needs to be hauled off such as an appliance or you’re doing a small clean out, then we are the folks for that. If you have a cleanup that does not need a dumpster, we can help.  

We are a family company that has grown from humble beginnings. Our hard work and commitment to exceptional garbage pickup service has brought us from using a simple pick-up truck to using our current low-emission trucks that use less fuel and have a smaller impact on the environment. We also understand the importance of offering our clients residential recycling services. 

Residential Recycling Services

AAA Sanitation is a big proponent of recycling. The more we recycle, the less garbage ends up in landfills, which is beneficial for the environment and the community. Recycling helps to prevent pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves energy and money, amongst a long list of other valuable benefits. That’s why AAA Sanitation proudly offers single stream recycling, which means our customers can put all of their recyclables in one bin and we handle the proper sorting ourselves. We pick up recycling for our clients on a weekly basis.

Recycling guidelines:

All bottles, cans, and drink boxes should be washed out and have the lids and caps removed. We are currently unable to accept any paper items such as paper towels, facial tissues, torn up papers, styrofoam cups or packing peanuts. Plastic items such as plastic bags, motor oil bottles, or used cellophane wrap are not recyclable items. We ask that our customers leave no food waste of any kind in their recycling bin, or any sharp materials. We offer an 18 gallon recycle bin or a 96 gallon recycle container.  

Planning a summer vacation? Don’t worry about keeping up with your recycling habits. While it can be tough to maintain recycling while on the road, it is possible with the proper amount of planning. While packing up the family vehicle, make sure to bring along a container large enough to keep your cans, bottles, cartons, and other recyclables. This is also a great opportunity to teach your children the importance of recycling. You can have them help to locate any recycling bins along the way. Recycling bins are often at rest stops, gas stations, and public parks.  

Watkinsville, Georgia Residential Trash Service

Important Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Residential Trash Service Company 

If you’re in the market to hire a residential trash service company, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Not all waste management companies are alike. Because AAA Sanitation is locally owned, we have the benefit of building relationships with our clients. It’s that one-on-one communication that allows us to really get to know the people we serve. Being local also gives us the benefit of knowing the roads well and driving the fastest routes from point A to point B, which saves time and minimizes our carbon footprint. A few other things to consider when hiring a garbage pickup specialist include:

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Services
  • Customer service


Location is an important aspect to consider when deciding which residential garbage pickup company is right for you. Luckily, if you Googled “residential garbage service near me,” or “garbage pickup service near me,” and you landed on our page, it’s highly likely you live in the Watkinsville region and that we service your area. If you aren’t sure, feel free to give us a call and ask one of our responsive and helpful customer service representatives. One of the reasons we started AAA Sanitation was because of a lack of choices for people and families living in the Watkinsville region. We believe you should have options when deciding the best company to help you with your garbage removal and other waste management services. Because we are a local and family-owned business, we have built solid relationships with our customers. It’s because of our foundation within the community that those relationships extend across the Watkinsville region.    


When it comes to waste management, you want a team of professionals who are skilled at what they do. AAA Sanitation’s waste management team is well trained and passionate about helping to keep the Watkinsville community safe and clean. All of our drivers have proper licensing and insurance. They also have the necessary skills and experience to ensure all residential garbage pickups are conducted correctly and with your family’s and your neighbors’ safety in mind. We have been working with customers locally for more than 20 years, so we are well established and know the area well. Our employees are consistent, on time, and flexible when necessary. 


We are committed to offering our customers the services they need when it comes to residential trash pickup. AAA Sanitation operates every day of the year except Christmas Day and New Years Day. We routinely communicate with clients to determine the best way to meet their garbage pick up needs and offer single stream recycling, weekly trash services, and bulk pick up.  

Customer Service

AAA Sanitation was founded more than two decades ago with the intent of meeting the needs of its customers, and that has not changed. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we make it a point to listen to their needs, answer any questions they may have, and promptly address their issues. Our founder Matt DiPalma realized residents weren’t satisfied with the available garbage pickup services, so Matt launched AAA Sanitation to meet the needs of the community. Matt’s goal was, and remains, to treat customers the way he wants to be treated. He promised to always listen to his customers and quickly solve any problems they might have.  Today, all these years later, Matt is always available if a customer needs to speak with him.

HOA Trash Services

A Homeowners Association is responsible for overseeing the common assets of a property or neighborhood, which often includes managing finances and business affairs, setting and enforcing rules, and maintaining the overall upkeep of the neighborhood. This often includes residential garbage services. AAA Sanitation offers HOA program sanitation services to neighborhoods in the Watkinsville region. An HOA trash contract is a great way to ensure a neighborhood has reliable waste solutions with a program that’s tailored to fit specific environmental needs. HOA discounts help to make it affordable for the residents.  

About Us 

For more than two decades, AAA Sanitation has been delivering the best garbage pickup service in Watkinsville and the surrounding area. We are a family-based business and our foundation is built on serving the people of the Watkinsville community. Our experience and our commitment to our customers sets us apart from other waste management service companies. Because we are local, we know the area well and we have established ongoing relationships with our clients because we treat them like family. If you live in the Watkinsville region and are in need of garbage pickup or recycling services, contact us at 706-543-7788 or fill out our contact form and tell us more about your waste management needs. 

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