Recycling in Athens & Surrounding Areas

AAA is proud to offer single stream recycling which means you can put all   recyclable items in one bin and we take it from there. AAA picks up recycling from its clients weekly.

Recycling guidelines:

All bottles, cans, & drink boxes should be washed out and have the lids and caps removed. We are unable to accept any paper items such as paper towels, facial tissues, loose shredded or torn up papers (please bag in either a paper bag or a clear bag), styrofoam cups or packing peanuts. Plastic items such as plastic bags, motor oil bottles, or used cellophane wrap are not recyclable items. No Food waste of any kind or Sharps material. We thank you in advance of following these guidelines. Please see list below of accepted recyclable items as well.

Acceptable recycling items:

Recyclable Items

Recycling Container Sizes Available:

  • 96 Gallon Recycle Container
  • 65 Gallon Recycle Container
  • 18 Gallon Recycle Bin

Different levels of recycling service containers that AAA can provide:

96 Gallon Recycle Container

18 Gallon Recycle Bin in Athens, Georgia

18 Gallon Recycle Bin





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