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The Start of AAA Sanitation


AAA Sanitation started right here in Athens, GA over a decade ago, in 1999. Matt DiPalma, the owner, notices a demand for a better service in the garbage world. What he noticed is that people were not treated well, but they had very few options for them to escape to when it came to a friendly and reliable sanitation company. He decided to treat people the way that he would like to be treated. He made it a promise to always listen to any problems that customers might have and to address them quickly.

AAA Sanitation had a very humble beginning. Their first truck was a simple old pick-up truck. Soon after that, they had to expand their operation and hook up a trailer behind the pick-up. We have always been a family based company and that is the way we want to stay as we continue to grow throughout the community. The company has grown over the years, which means we have had to constantly change with the times. We are now larger-than-ever advocates of recycling. We see the importance of it not just for now, but for the future. We are now running Low-Emission trucks that use less fuel and have a lesser impact on the environment.

AAA Sanitation

Don’t take a vacation from recycling!

vacation_picturePlanning a summer vacation? It can be tough to keep up your recycling habits while traveling, but with the right amount of planning, you can still keep your bottles, cans and paper out of the trash. Road Trip after packing the family vehicle, bring along a container to keep the cans, bottles, cartons and other recyclables you may use along the way. This can be an opportunity to teach kids the importance of recycling. Have them help locate recycling bins at rest stops, public parks and gas stations.




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